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Operation 01 - large-format offset - Czech Republic, Austria

Large-size offset printing of „a new generation“ is a basis of our printing production. Our printing is carried out on the latest XXL offset machines of the world’s leading producer MAN Roland. Prints of billboards, big boards, CLV posters, A0/B0 posters, giant posters, large commercial stands and thinks like that at medium and higher costs are concerned above all. Our machines are maximally 6 years old, equipped with the latest accessories such as fast full-automatic printing plate inserting; accurate colour reproduction is provided by plate scanning chip technology. For exterior prints we use top outdoor offset colours with the highest light permanency Sun Chemical/Hartmann, which guarantee high brightness of printing motives; posters show bright and shiny colours for a long time. We print all the above mentioned prints in the full range of large-size offset machines, e. g. A0, B0 and XXL (double A0) on fine screens up to 200 dpi (!), eventually by stochastic raster 2400 dpi on request, which is actually invisible for an eye (photo-quality).


a) NEW - NEW four-colour super large size offset 130 x 185 cm (MAN Roland 900 XXL format 8) – 2x
b) five-colour MAN Roland R 905 (B0+)
c) five-colour MAN Roland R 905L (B0+ with varnish unit)
d) five-colour MAN Roland R 905-6 LTTLV (B0+ with varnish unit + UV varnish unit)
e) four-colour MAN Roland R 804 (A0+) 2x
f) 3 x CtP system (Computer to Plate) Creo Quantum + Magnus XXL up to plate size 130 x 185 cm
g) automatic folder of billboard tiles Herzog+Heymann (max. size 130 x 185 cm)
h) UV varnishing - machine also available up to B0, machine varnishing up to 130 x 185 cm, lamination gloss/matt up to B0+
i) large size cut – machine BOBST or on the machine BLUMMER

Operation 02 - large-format digital printing - Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia
We use large-size digital printing for smaller batches of the full large-size printing spectrum. Not only billboards, big boards, mega boards, banners, graphics on means of transport but any large-size posters in small batches in general. For printing of billboards and big boards on paper Blue back side (BBS) we particularly use fast „drum“ technologies, where we always fine-tune colours exactly in accordance with proof-sheets; identically to offset technology – e. g. no faded „dead“ colours !!! Another advantage of drum digital technology is printing completely without undesirable stripping in billboard motives. For printing on PVC materials, banner materials, and nettings we use digital roll printing technology.

a) „drum“ progressive digital technology: Idanit NOVO, PressJet, TurboJet (UV outdoor colours with guaranteed exterior permanency up to 36 months!)
b) roll printing: Vutek 5300, Vutek 2360, Scitex XLJet 5+ (3+), Nur Blueboard, HP DesignJet (UV outdoor colours with guaranteed exterior permanency up to 36 months!)

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