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March 2017
business magazine FORBES 03/2017

Article about the company D&S Design Prague/Gerin for download in PDF.

September 2016
Evaluation of outdoor advertisements by Marketing & Media for summer 2016

Marketing specialist weekly – Marketing & Media no. 36/2016 evaluated the best of outdoor advertising in the Czech Republic for the period July-August 2016 and the first place was given to citylights McDonalds - Club House which were realized by our printing house. Printing was made by XXL offset and the latest FM stochastic screening in absolute photo quality and double-sided printing recto / verso 4/4 CMYK / CMYK light. The entire polygraphic process from digital proof to final print is under standard ISO 12647-2 which ensured absolutely true colors compare to printing datas. Citilights in double-sided version means perfect colors not only during the day but especially at night when the poster is backlighted. Citylights are supplied standardly with stochastic, eye invisible raster and according to the quality of datas the printer RIP selects final resolution in values from 1000 - 2400 dpi. If we got perfect printing datas we are able to realize the highest possible value of resolution - 2400dpi. This resolution we used for printing very fine production like geological tourist maps in XL and XXL sizes, but also for demanding catalogs, packaging and POS materials.

Evaluation of OOH advertisement is attached here to download in PDF format.

March 2016
Catalogs MAX Workshop Parts / export to Sweden

Our client from Denmark ordered complete polygraphic production of catalogs with spare parts for motorcycles at us. We realized this production of two big catalogs with more than 600 pages each in express term - 10 days. Total amount of catalogs was 1.200 pcs. We used 80gsm Multioffset paper for content and 300gsm chalk paper for cover. Due to the long use of these catalogs glossy lamination for cover and strong PUR adhesive binding were used here. We also prepared digital printing sheets with pages after RIP so our client could check and approve them online. This experienced way eliminates potential faults during following print. Finally two tons of catalogs were perfectly packed into boxes and palletized for more than 1.100 kilometres long trip to central stock in Sweden. Except this foreign job our company exported different polygraphic products to Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Italy and France recently.

April 2014
ArtHouse Monaco Catalogues

For our client from France we have implemented a polygraphically more challenging product – “ArtHouse Monaco” catalogues. It is a 130-page catalogue thematically focused on contemporary Russian modern art. The whole catalogue virtually consists of reproductions of paintings, sculptures or graphics, it is thus a typographically challenging printed material. To reach the perfect realistic design of the offset print we have chosen a screen practically invisible to the eye in the value of 200 lpi (the norm for offset printing is 150-175 lpi). We have long-term technological experience with extra fine screening – whether it is circular AM screen or FM stochastic screen. For the block paper we have used uncoated 130 gram Amber Graphics, for the cover then glossy paper 300 gram matt. To increase the overall exclusiveness of the printed material the cover has been given matt lamination and partial UV varnish using high shine UV varnish. Nearly one ton of catalogues then travelled 1200 km from the Czech Republic to the client in Monaco. Our polygraphic company has recently exported our products also to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Italy, France and the USA.

December 2012
Catalogues for Travel Service a.s. / division Business Jet-Privat Jet

Most of our clients are used to connect our company with polygraphy specialisation in XXL offset and digital printing – oudoor XXL prints, POS/POP XXL and even standard prints. We are as well specialized in complex production of difficult and sofisticated prints as catalogues, annual reports, client magazines etc. By „complex“ we mean from the very beginning (design, prepress) to packaging and distribution. One of interesting samples of this has been production of catalogue of Privat Jets Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign for our client, Travel service a.s., division Business Jet. As the first step our crative division crated „graphic conception“ in three versions. The client chose version provisionally called „luxurious leather“. After that followed very difficult phase of DTP prepress works – besides standard prepress graphic works in English there were applied sophisticated modifications of the photos and their montages. Due to demand of the cutomer for high exclusivity of the product were chosen finishing methods of the printed product as UV varnishing, or special shape cropping of the cover. The following offset printing of the catalogues in circulation number of several thousands pieces was concepted for using technological steps for accenting the special character of the final product again. So the matt 200 g coated paper, full surface matt varnishing, parcial UV hi-glossy varnishes and special shape cropping of the cover were used as well as very fine full-fotoquality raster point. The previiw of the catalogue is attached for download in PDF.

December 2010
JAWA 250 posters, Typ 353 (1953 – 1962)

Towards the end of the year we completed a very interesting printing contract. The Czechoslovak JAWA 250 motorcycle, type 353 Kyvka was produced in various designs from 1953 to 1962. The specifications of the contract were not only to print posters, but to also completely prepare design fundamentals in the graphics studio from the almost 60-year old original poster provided by the client in the condition corresponding to the poster’s age. Paper torn in several places, crumpled, strongly yellowed by age etc. The resulting requested product was 2000 pieces of large posters printed using offset, meeting the requirement that the poster look like the provided original in all aspects. Thus, first of all the original poster was scanned in a large drum scanner in two parts due to the large size of the subject. Then the motif was connected in the DTP studio. Several hours of graphics and DTP work followed. The original printing screen was removed, colouring, retouching defects on the original poster, local sharpening, subsequently colour modification again on the overall motif and locally. In terms of colour, the poster was harmonised to achieve the overall concept of the old poster. The client’s wish was to also preserve the original defects on the poster caused at the time by the applied technology of an optic magnifying camera from several fold smaller lithographs. Thus, some poster defects were recreated again in order to evoke the original poster. However, the greatest problem was still to come – maintaining the colour of the original yellowed paper of the original poster. Unfortunately, it was not even possible to find the precise colours in the extensive Pantone colour scale, or to even purchase them from a paper mill. Therefore, it was necessary to use white poster paper and to firstly print the entire paper, on both sides, with custom mixed light ochre tone colour. Then, the actual motif could be printed on the paper, prepared as mentioned above) in the CMYK scale. Not even this step was standard. The thickness of the original print’s screen needed to be measured precisely, the coarseness of which is no longer used in today’s modern printing. This screen for measuring was entered into the CTP. Thereby, the actual printing process was realised using offset thanks to the colouring of the base paper into a light ochre colour 5/1. Nevertheless, the final result was definitely well worth it. Posters printed using modern offset are entirely identical to the 60-year old original. Naturally, without defects, like crumpling and tears.

October 2009
The D&S Design Prague/Gerin Company has become one of the general partners to the 7th year of the International Festival of Outdoor Films – INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF OUTDOOR FILMS 2009.

We are honoured that our printing company has become one of the general partners to the 7th year of the International Festival of Outdoor Films 2009. The IFOF is the largest travelling film festival in the world and the largest travelling festival in the Czech Republic.

The festival focuses on sports with an outdoor theme, on adventure, extreme and adrenaline films and travel documentaries. These films take us to various places across our planet and show us the mentality and culture of the local inhabitants. Through them we can experience environments, which are unattainable to ordinary “mortals”. Many of the films are very charged socially and emotionally. Czech, Slovak and foreign authors, film studios, national televisions and private television companies take part in the IFOF on both a professional and amateur level. The films are not restricted by footage or by date of manufacture. The festival also has the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Regions and MUDr. Pavel Bém, the Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

Film-makers, directors and producers from a number of countries from various continents worldwide have taken part in the festival – the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, France, Australia, USA, Chile, Austria, Spain, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Kenya, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Brazil, Peru, Belgium, the Philippines, Slovenia and Venezuela. This year the festival will take place during the period from 16/10 – 05/12/2009. The ceremonial opening will take place on 16/10/2009 in Ostrava and the festival will end in Prague on 05/12/2009, when the best films and their authors will be awarded prizes.

You can find more information about the IFOF on the official web site.
General partners to the IFOF 2009: General partners page

May 2008
Our Geological Map of the Czech Republic, 1:500,000 printed by the XXL offset process using stochastic screening wins the “Map of the Year 2007” Award

Our new, excellently printed Geological Map of the Czech Republic 1:500,000 won first prize in the category of Individual Cartographic Works in the 10th annual Map of the Year cartographic competition, held by the Cartographic Association of the Czech Republic. The map, in an XXL format of 1499 x 945 mm was printed on our newest giant offset machine, MAN Roland 900 XXL8, using the finest modern screening, 2400dpi FM-stochastic screening. This screening is virtually invisible to the human eye, which means that the map is in full photographic quality! We used flood dispersion varnish for the surface treatment. We printed the award-winning Geological Map of the Czech Republic in a run of 1,800 maps. The results of the competition were announced ceremonially at the Bookworld Prague international book fair on 25 April 2008. The category of Individual Cartographic Works involved a total of 73 map works from 30 leading map producers.

August 2006
D&S Design Prague/Gerin sets up another new super large offset machine MAN Roland of the XXL line

The company D&S Design Prague/Gerin announces launching of a quite new XXL offset technology. In July and August 2006 an installation of a new, the second one in the company’s line-up, super-large offset machine MAN Roland 900 XXL format 8 was carried out. This time it is a four colour type with a varnishing module (MAN Roland 904L-8 XXL) – print size 130 x 185 cm. In recent months the demand for mostly outdoor advertising prints such as CLV abribus-posters, large posters and billboards in the highest offset quality (screen up to 200 lpi, or stochastic screen FM 2400 dpi) has increased at all markets, e.g. Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak and Hungary, where the company has its activities. For production deadlines of those prints can’t be longer than one week, the installation of the second largest offset machine MAN Roland of the XXL line is a logic and necessary step. A technological base of the company main production plant in Wolkersdorf comprises then seven large-size offset machines, two of that in the largest XXL size – double A0 and three large size CtP systems up to format 130 x 185 cm. The production runs in three shift system 24 hours a day.

September 2005
A new managing director of Gerin Druck in Prague

In the middle of September we welcomed a new managing director of Gerin Druck Group in our Prague quarters, Mr. Ferdinand Ploner. Mr. Ploner replaced Mr. Richard Gerin, the owner of the printing works, in the managing director position of the whole GERIN Group. Mr. Ferdinand Ploner is a well-known and respected manager in the field of outdoor advertising on the central Europe market. The main objectives of Mr. Ploner's visit were contemporary situation of D&S Design Prague, Ltd. as a long-time Gerin Druck exclusive representative in the Czech Republic, market position, marketing strategy and the next year development policy. There was also a technological enhancement of our press office by new XXL offset machines in 2006 discussed. Thanks to D&S Design Prague, Ltd. annual position improvement on the Czech polygraphic market and certainty year 2005 will make a company record both in realised orders and turnover, the whole meeting was proceeding in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and was a great contribution to future development of our company.

August 2004
D&S Design Prague/Gerin is launching the largest offset printer - a new, super-huge MAN Roland new generation!

The company D&S Design Prague, s.r.o., the exclusive business representative of billboard printer Paul Gerin in the Czech Republic, is presenting its new, unique, super-huge MAN Roland 900 XXL format 8 offset printer. It's taken several decades for brand new technology of flat XXL offset printing to arrive on the market, in the 130 x 185 cm printing format to be exact. The new super-large format will be used by the firm mostly for doing high-quality printing of outdoor advertisements like billboards (the most common euroformat billboard consisting of 6 sections), CLV posters (abribus), bigboards and all large-format placards. A special CTP system in the same XXL format (CREO Magnus XXL) has been installed with the new printing machine in the main production center. Outdated screen projection, where the pattern is enlarged on the panel, is already in the process of disappearing today.
Billboards, bigboards and all large-format placards are done by D&S Design Prague/Gerin in the highest possible printing quality on large-format NEW generation machines with CTP quality. A fine printing raster up to 200 lpi, making the print fit exactly and doing individual sections of billboards are a given. The new gigantic MAN Roland 900 XXL offset machine is distinguished by the high automation of the entire printing process - formats are automatically set up, with remote control of RCI inking arrangements, quick and fully automated loading of the printing panels, etc. Printing speed is up to 10,000 sheets per hour.
D&S Design Prague/Gerin, a leading supplier of high-quality billboards, is introducing new high-quality offset printing in the largest XXL format on the Czech outdoor market.

May 2003
We received a prestigious order to print billboards - ENTRY OF THE CR INTO THE EUROPEAN UNION

Our polygraph company beat out the competition to print more than 1500 billboards in the euroformat for the entry of the CR into the European Union. It took us a total of 4 days to complete almost 18,500 sqm of large-area placards. The campaign was divided into three scenes (fisherman Jorge Ferreira - Portugal, bus driver Isabel Lopez - Spain and Brigitte Müller - Austria) of 500 eurobillboards each. The government hired the renowned advertising agency Leo Burnett Advertising to process the graphics for the campaign. The choice of printers came down to the demand for top-quality printing, meaning with the technology for large-format offsetting, a good price and folding the billboards complete for fast gluing to the billboard space. The printing was performed on two of the best large-format offset machines in our production facilities - MAN Roland 905 L, with the help of the system Computer To Plate Creo Quantum. Our company is quick with every order and above all the high quality of our printing has demonstrated that we're among the leaders of large-space printing in the Czech Republic.

Autumn 2002
The quality of our billboards is without compromise!

A singular testament to the excellence of our outdoor large-format polygraph productions are billboard campaigns for the without question most demanding customers for printed billboards - international automobile concerns. The printed motifs for automobile manufacturers are often very demanding, as our high quality, modern large-format offset prints are valued by our clients for the exact colour reproduction of the printed motifs. In the last 10 months or so we have printed billboards for the Czech market for the automobile manufactures: Fiat, Škoda, Renault, Daewoo, Citroën and Mazda, some in campaigns with more than one motif.

MARCH 2002
... a sign of a large investment in technology

For the first quarter of 2002 we are installing (operations Wolkersdorf - large-format offset) the second complex pre-printing system Computer to Plate (CtP). After the first equipment - a Heidelberg Prinergy 2 in the format B1+, which was put into operation during the winter of 2001, this time we are installing the CtP system CREO-QUANTUM in a final unique format of B0+ (102 x 142 cm).
Our customers are thus spared the costs for the production of lithography (films) both for large-format placards and, primarily, for billboards. The customer need only supply the DTP data. We're also installing these days a special folding machine from Herzog+Heymann for folding and handling printed billboard tails. This is of special value to billboard gluing companies, who save a lot of working time with our billboards. This way the time is cut significantly between the handover of the printed placard to the companies and gluing it to the placard space.

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